Chloe Brown

Undergraduate Student, MIT, ChemE and Economics (Class of 2022)
Chloe previously worked in the Langer Lab and the Prather Lab. In the Langer Lab, she worked on organic synthesis, and in the Prather Lab she built biosensors capable of detecting the presence of select sugars in cells. Currently with the Brushett Group, Chloe aims to improve battery performance by evaluating a new non-aqueous redox flow battery design across a range of temperatures. Outside the classroom, Chloe is a cadet in Army ROTC where she serves as the Deputy Battalion Commander. She is also a counselor in Camp Kesem and a member of Alpha Phi Sorority. Chloe will be joining McKinsey & Company as a Business Analyst upon her graduation in 2022.
Lia Bu.jpg

Lia Bu

Undergraduate Student, MIT, ChemE (Class of 2025)
A first year MIT undergraduate, Lia does research on the kinetics of isopropanol oxidation in the context of rechargeable liquid fuel cells. These cells have potential applications in hydrogen and energy storage. Outside of research, Lia is an athlete on MIT’s openweight crew, a staff writer for MIT’s Undergraduate Research Journal, and a historian and community service co-chair for McCormick Hall. In her free time, Lia enjoys playing classical piano, taking pictures of MIT’s campus, and socializing with friends.
Sarah Hernandez.jpg

Sarah Hernandez

Undergraduate Student, MIT, ChemE (Class of 2025)
Sarah is a first-year MIT undergraduate performing her first research opportunity. In the Brushett Lab, she focuses upon analyzing the efficacy of organic redox carriers, specifically quinones, for electrochemical separation of carbon dioxide in the hopes of improving carbon capture technologies. On campus, Sarah is active in the Society of Women Engineers and the Student Sustainability Coalition as a representative for the Terrascope learning community. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, experimenting in the kitchen, and reading.

Will Woltmann

Undergraduate Student, MIT, ChemE with a minor in Biology (Class of 2022)
In previous research, Will helped design a low-cost, solar-powered evaporative cooling device that can store up to 2,000 kg of perishable food items in regions not connected to the electrical grid. His current research in the Brushett group aims to investigate the effect of high temperatures on non-aqueous redox flow batteries, with the hope of improving power output. Outside of academics, he is a member of MIT's football and track and field teams, and is a proud member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. He enjoys being active, skiing and spending time with friends and family.