Akram Ismail

Undergraduate Student, University of Rochester, ChemE with Comp Sci Minor (Class of 2022)
Akram's research at the University of Rochester involves CFD analysis on kidney ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy for kidney stones treatment to create a patient-specific model for the heat and mass transfer procedure. Through the the MIT MSRP program, he is working on the development and validation of a cell architecture for performing electrochemistry on both commercial porous electrodes and synthesized carbon films.

Jonathan Lee

Undergraduate Student, University of Michigan, ChemE (Class of 2021)
Jonathan's research in Prof. Goldsmith's group at the University of Michigan was focused on the mechanistic understanding of aqueous phase bio-oil hydrogenation. Through the MRL REU program, he is working on modeling separation strategies for nonaqueous redox flow batteries in the Brushett group.