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Lia Bu

Undergraduate Student, MIT, ChemE (Class of 2025)
A first year MIT undergraduate, Lia does research on the kinetics of isopropanol oxidation in the context of rechargeable liquid fuel cells. These cells have potential applications in hydrogen and energy storage. Outside of research, Lia is an athlete on MIT’s openweight crew, a staff writer for MIT’s Undergraduate Research Journal, and a historian and community service co-chair for McCormick Hall. In her free time, Lia enjoys playing classical piano, taking pictures of MIT’s campus, and socializing with friends.

Dien Nguyen

Undergraduate Student, MIT, ChemE (Class of 2024)
In the Brushett Group, Dien works on standardizing and calculating active species decay rates in redox flow batteries with a zero-dimensional model and MATLAB optimization toolbox. He also investigates the effects of operation conditions such as volume ratios and initial concentrations on cell performance and capacity fade using knowledge in mass transport, redox reactions, and dimensional analysis. Outside of lab work, Dien plays piano and enjoys exploring new places.

Elysia Yuan

Undergraduate Student, MIT, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Elysia previously did research in the Howland Lab, where she created wind forecasting algorithms for the goal of optimizing the collective operation and power generation of wind farms. In the Brushett Group, she works on developing experimental platforms and data analysis tools in order to accurately quantify the performance of electrochemical CO2 separation systems that use redox, soluble capture molecules. Outside of academic work, she is the President of the MIT Video Game Orchestra, where she also is a violin player and musical arranger, and enjoys socializing with fellow members.
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