Visiting Scholars

Dr. Javit Drake

Principal Engineer, Procter & Gamble


Dr. Javit Drake, a Principal Engineer at Procter & Gamble, has electrochemical industry and academic experience with coupled transport-reactive systems ranging from small passive cells – modeled aqueous primary cell and custom-designed direct methanol fuel cells -- to an industry scale electrofluorination flow reactor in his doctoral modeling work. Following his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering under Prof. John Newman at the University of California, 
Berkeley, his time at Gillette (now part of Procter & Gamble) began with his employment in Duracell R&D in 2003. His discoveries, inventions, and expertise have led to 13 U.S. Patents, helped enable successful in-market products, and accelerated long-term initiatives by several years. As a recurring Visiting Lecturer in the MIT Department of Chemical Engineering, he delivers a self-created “theory-to- experiment-to- product” course as an Integrated Chemical Engineering (ICE) module. He also holds a S.B. in Chemical Engineering and Minor in Music from MIT.