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Visiting Scholars

Dr. Javit Drake

Lecturer and MLK Visiting Scholar

Research Interests:

Javit Drake, Ph.D., performs and advises the modeling of chemical transport for prediction, guidance of hands-on experimental direction, and prototypes of chemical systems, predominantly electrochemical storage and conversion devices.  Within the Brushett group, he engages in lithium ion and flow battery projects with the goals of high energy accessibility under fast charge and discharge usage. He and group colleagues combine porous electrode theory with new designs and modes of operation for optimal coupling of electrolyte diffusion, convection, and charge transfer reaction. Beyond electrochemical systems, he also has interest in transport-governed chemical products that may include effects of fluid and solid mechanics.



Javit Drake '94, is a former Principal Scientist/Engineer of Procter & Gamble with 20+ years of industry and academic experience. He has created both comprehensive and phenomenon-specific models in electrochemical systems ranging from small portable cells – such as, aqueous primary AA cells and custom-designed direct methanol fuel cells -- to an industry scale gas-liquid electrofluorination flow reactor in his doctoral modeling work. He completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering under Professors John Newman and Clay Radke at the University of California, Berkeley. A few years later in 2003, he joined Duracell and through acquisition became an employee of Procter & Gamble in the Boston area. As a recurring Lecturer in the MIT Department of Chemical Engineering, he delivers a self-created course – one of the Integrated Chemical Engineering (ICE) modules – covering theory, physical experimentation, and design of products, such as batteries. He also holds an SB in Chemical Engineering and a Minor in Music from MIT.

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